A Farewell To Carbs

Dear High Carbs,

It’s not me, it’s YOU. And no, I didn’t get that mixed up. You see, this will be my second serious attempt at cutting you out of my life. In the fall of 2014, I followed the Atkins low carb guidelines for six straight months and was able to lose over 35 pounds. I was a new person, with an unquenchable zeal for life. With a seemingly limitless supply of energy and a quickly shrinking waistline, I pitied my former self. I made a promise that I would never return to my past lifestyle–which was one of pure laziness and poor eating habits. Plans were made for 5k marathons, a Total Gym was purchased, old clothes that became suddenly too big were donated. I was feeling awesome!


And then.

And then–well, nothing really. I wish I could tell you the exact moment I abandoned ship. But there really was no significant event–life just happened. A few All-You-Can-Eat buffets, one too many pizza deliveries, an abundance of birthday parties complete with cakes–and before you know it, six more months had passed and I had gained back every. single. POUND. No matter how many times I attempted to jump back on the low carb bandwagon, I failed. I had fallen, and hard. I wasn’t for sure if I would ever regain the determination and willpower that I needed to return to healthier eating habits and lose weight.


But TODAY will be that day.

So, this is goodbye for now, high carbs. A ‘Dear John Letter’, of sorts. In order to reach my goals of losing weight, having a healthy future pregnancy, and lower my absurdly high risks of medical problems (thanks to family history)–including diabetes and high blood pressure–I need to follow a low carb lifestyle. I am not a perfect person, but I want this now more than ever before–I finally have the determination and willpower.



..But we’ll always have cookie cake to look back on fondly. Delicious, yummy cookie cake.



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