Week Four

Week Three Starting Weight: 182.1 lbs
Week Four Starting Weight: 183.6 lbs
Week Three Weight Loss Gain: 1.5 lbs
Total Weight Loss: 4.1 lbs

-Week Four Timeline-
Sunday, January 17, 2016-Saturday, January 23, 2016

SUNDAY (1/17/16)
My Sunday started off sourly. My suspicions from the previous night that I would not lose any weight proved to be worse than I had imagined–I gained weight. My weight loss of 1.6 lbs from Week Two was completely ruined by Week Three’s weight gain of 1.5 lbs. I tried to stay upbeat, but I felt like a failure.

MONDAY (1/18/16)
Again I woke up feeling down. My plan to workout everyday of the week had not been put into action, and I wasn’t motivated. I barely made an effort to cook any meals, and was generally lazy. This parody I found of Adele’s “Hello” made me laugh, and perfectly described my feelings about dieting at the time.

“Krispy Kreme gives me liiiiifeee..”

TUESDAY (1/19/16)
I was starting to feel a little better this day, and I was feeling more encouraged to continue my diet. I endeavored to be more active and took the time to cook meals and clean my home. 

WEDNESDAY (1/20/16)
My heart was heavy on this day. A deep-seeded need to become pregnant again in the near future is one of the only things driving me to continue my low carb lifestyle. I am constantly thinking of babies, and the more time passes, the more anxious I become. I hope that my perseverance during these difficult weeks will help me continue to lose weight and realize my dreams of having more children someday soon.

THURSDAY (1/21/16)
I was unfortunately not feeling very well this day, and spent a lot of time resting. All of my attempts of cooking meals were fruitless, and I barely had an appetite. 

FRIDAY (1/22/16)
Today was a busy day. I had grocery shopping and errands to run, as well as bills to pay. I felt exhausted by days end, but I was at least feeling better. The only setback I had was dealing with body stiffness and a sore back.

SATURDAY (1/23/16)
I woke up early this morning in search of an outdoor moving sale I found out about online. The temperature has been staying around below freezing, but they had deals I just couldn’t pass up. I was able to score a set of almost new oak TV trays for only $4, along with about 50 chapter/story books for $7 for my daughter, whom loves reading. Upon returning home, my husband and I spontaneously decided to rearrange our living room. This took a majority of the day, and there is still plenty left over for me to finish later on.

This past week basically felt like a wash. Although I seemed to redeem myself halfway through, I was still feeling bloated and like I hadn’t made any progress. I have been trying to stay positive, and began drinking matcha tea again in hopes of accelerating my weight loss. I truly want to start an exercise regimen for the next week, and am hoping that I actually stick to that goal this time around.

-Question of the Week-
When you feel like giving up on your diet, what is the one thing that motivates you to continue on and not give up? Let me know in the comments section below!

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