Week Six

Week Five Starting Weight: 181.5 lbs
Week Six Starting Weight: 179.3 lbs
Week Five Weight Loss: 2.2 lbs
Total Weight Loss: 8.4 lbs

-Week Five Timeline-
Sunday, January 31, 2016-Saturday, February 7, 2016

SUNDAY (1/31/16)
Church was special today, because after every member alternated days of fasting for the last month, we took part in communion. It was a rewarding and humbling experience, and I am proud of myself for making a commitment and sticking to it. The rest of my day was spent deep cleaning the house, and a nice evening visit with my in-laws.

MONDAY (2/1/16) 
I decided to finally start a workout regimen this week. I used my Total Gym for what felt like the first time in forever (okay, maybe it hasn’t been that long–but still), and realized quickly that I am completely out of shape! Just one half hour session nearly killed me, and that made me feel down about myself. And yes, I know I am exaggerating about the whole “dying” part.

TUESDAY (2/2/16)
Not to be deterred by yesterday’s strenuous workout, I chose to power through another session on the Total Gym. This time was much easier than the last, and I felt better in the end. I took a walk through the neighborhood to cool down, and went to Bible school in the evening.

WEDNESDAY (2/3/16)
I managed to get through another Total Gym workout, but my legs were burning afterwards. It actually hurt to sit and stand. I decided to take the rest of the week off to recover and relax. After church that evening, I crashed into bed because I was so physically exhausted. Listen to your body, my friends–it knows its limits!

THURSDAY (2/4/16)-FRIDAY (2/5/16)
I have been considering starting a YouTube channel in order to create videos for my blog. I will focus on weight loss tips and exercise motivation with a humorous twist. I began to work on my first project on these days, and I am so excited to share the results with you all very soon! If this is something my followers respond positively to, I plan on making these weekly.

SATURDAY (2/6/16)
Today was very exciting, because I got to pick out my first pair of running shoes ever! I am preparing to begin an 8 week Couch to 5k program using the C25k app (click link to go to their site and learn more, this app is free on iOS!), and tomorrow is day one. After much deliberation and research, I finally settled on a pair of Nike FS Lite Run 3, and I am really looking forward to trying them out tomorrow! Also, I bought two packets of running socks. I purposely chose two different brands, because I wasn’t for sure which would be better for running, and I will let you know my results in the future.

Photo on 2-6-16 at 10.15 PM

I feel like this past week has been far more productive than others. Could it be that at 6 weeks in, I am finally adjusting to a low carb lifestyle? My cravings have been minimal, and I have a lot more energy than normal (thanks in part to my daily Zipfizz supplement). I look forward to what’s to come, and am grateful that I have made it this far without giving up! Also, I have recently started a Twitter account, feel free to follow me for daily tweets @simplylowcarb, because lowcarbsimplicity is apparently too long!


-Question of the Week-
What is your favorite brand/style of running shoe? Let me know in the comments section below!

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