Week Seven

Week Six Starting Weight: 179.3 lbs
Week Seven Starting Weight: 179 lbs
Week Six Weight Loss: 3 oz
Total Weight Loss: 8.7 lbs

-Week Seven Timeline-
Sunday, February 7, 2016-Saturday, February 13, 2016

SUNDAY (2/7/15)
This mornings weigh-in was astonishing, to say the least. After the immense amount of hard work and exercise I had put into the previous week, losing only 3 ounces was devastating. I stared at my brand new pair of running shoes, and made a decision to shake off the depression I could feel looming. After church, a lunch date, and a couple of errands, I went to my local park to start a free running program I found on my app store, called C25k (this stands for Couch to 5k, click link to go their site). Although it wore me out, I felt better about myself by the end of the day.

MONDAY (2/8/15)-TUESDAY (2/9/15)
These days were pretty rough. I awoke Monday to a horrible sharp pain in my left side, and was barely able to walk. On top of that, I was overcome by a strange illness, that included a complete lack of energy. I was basically bedridden during this period of time, and I’m still not sure what happened.

WEDNESDAY (2/10/15)
I was finally starting to physically feel better, and did my best to get caught up on housework, while juggling school work and a busy evening of church. Still, I was fighting low energy and weakness, so getting through the day was a struggle. I felt an overall sense of gloom, and everything was stressful. 

THURSDAY (2/11/15)
Today started out pretty normal, with chores and school. I was tasked with preparing game night for my youth this weekend, and was completely unprepared. I spent most of my day with my head buried in my computer, googling different activities and prizes with a Valentine theme. This led to a late night visit to Walmart, where I spent two agonizing hours perusing a thousand aisles for everything I needed. I wish I could report that I returned home to rest and go to bed, but with all the things I needed to accomplish before the next evening, I decided to begin assembling and preparing all of the items. Even though I stayed up till 3 am, I wasn’t half way finished!

FRIDAY (2/12/15)
I devoted my entire day to finishing the games and presents I had planned for my youth group. And yes, it took the whole day! I barely had time to shower and gather all of my supplies before rushing out the door to set up the church! Youth night went as well as expected, and my youth group seemed to enjoy their miniature boxes of cereal (I wrote “I ‘CEREAL’sly care for you!” on each tag). I felt exhausted by days end, but my youth group kids always make any trouble I go through worth it!

SATURDAY (2/13/15)
Today could have been a lot better. I was stuck at home almost all day, and I barely got to see my better half thanks to his crazy new work schedule. Still, I had fun spending time with our daughter, and getting to clean up the house a little. Weeks ago, I started recording a Lifetime movie series starring Lori Laughlin, entitled Garage Sale Mystery, on my DVR. I made time to watch the first installment with a late night dinner, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I am excited to watch the next four movies over time, and I hope you are able to catch them on air for yourselves!

After another weigh-in disappointment at the start of this week (click here to read about a previous time I failed), I ‘cheated’ slightly. Not with food, but instead by weighing in every morning to make sure I stayed on track. I noticed after the first four days that I was steadily losing weight, so I chose to stop checking after Thursday and be surprised for this Sunday’s weigh-in! I am hoping for a positive result in the morning!

-Question of the Week-
What is your favorite Lifetime movie? Let me know in the comments section below!

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