Week Eighteen

-Week Eighteen Timeline-
Sunday, April 24, 2016-Saturday, April 30, 2016

Week Eighteen Weight Loss Gain: 175.8 to 176.1 (.3 oz)
Total Weight Loss: 11.6 lbs

-Week Eighteen Highlights-

Sunday (4/24/16): Sunday is always one of my favorite days. This is when I feel like my week starts, and I get to spend the morning at church with my family. It was my turn to teach Sunday School, and I enjoyed talking to my class about God adopting us as His children, and having a time of games and crafts. Afterwards, I attended a get together at a local pizzeria for one of my students birthday. I didn’t go with plans on cheating on my diet, but I admit, I caved! Fortunately, I was turned off by the taste of the pizza, and had no desire to eat more. I will take this as a positive sign that I am becoming more accustomed to a low carb lifestyle. I joined my other family members for a barbecue at my mother-in-law’s house before retiring home for the evening. 

Monday (4/25/16): This day started off poorly, but greatly improved towards the end. A late start to our morning led to a hectic afternoon full of homeschool obligations, paying bills, and bad attitudes. To make things worse, my daughter had a strange allergic reaction to something while playing outside. Thanks to my husbands quick thinking to use allergy medicine and calamine lotion, she was fine within hours. Our day got better after a meeting at church for family prayer and some grocery shopping. We ate food late and had a relaxing night at home. I appreciate days like this, as they remind me that just because things start off on a sour note does not mean that they have to end that way.

Tuesday (4/26/16): I live in an area that was hit by severe storms. Thankfully, due to media coverage, we were able to prepare days in advance. After packing a couple of bags and storm proofing our home, we headed to my sister-in-law’s house, because she has an underground tornado shelter. There was no storm activity most of the day, but in the late evening, the tornado sirens started to go off and we headed down to the safety of the shelter. We were stuck in there for about an hour, but thankful to be safe. The pictures of damage to businesses and houses around us were prevelent on social media upon returning home, and the drive home was dangerous due to downed power lines and parts of trees scattering the streets. I was grateful that both of our homes were untouched, and the only setback I had to deal with was being without power for a short while.

Thursday (4/28/16): I had a very busy day! My morning started earlier than usual, as I had to take my Lharkie (half Lhasa-Apso, half Yorkshire Terrier) to be groomed. Normally, she strongly resembles an Ewok, which I adore–but she is difficult to groom due to her anxiety. Therefore I like to get her hair cut short, and honestly, she’s still just as cute.


My puppy freshly groomed!

Afterwards, I spent a long time at the mall shopping. I am the Matron of Honor for my close friend’s wedding, and I had to prepare for her Bridal Shower by buying a variety of gifts for the bride and prizes for games. I wish I would have taken a picture of my loot, but I forgot! 

Friday (4/29/16): Due to another threat of severe storms, I once again wound up at my sister-in-law’s house for safety. We spent the evening taking personality quizzes, watching a scary episode of Hawaii 5-0, and trying different fancy hairstyles. Thankfully, the bad weather just missed us, and I spent the rest of the evening at home working on games for the Bridal Shower.

Saturday (4/30/16): The day of the Bridal Shower was hectic, but we had a wonderful time! We played the Clothespin game, Toilet Paper Wedding Dress, The Price is Right, What’s In Your Purse?, and All About Your Fiancé. She received a slew of gifts for both the honeymoon and her new home, and she was very thankful for all the love and support she felt! All in all, I would say it was pretty successful and a great time of fellowship between us ladies. I may or may not have indulged in egg rolls and cupcakes, but it was so worth it!

Closing Thoughts: I had a very full and exciting week, but unfortunately I chose to use that as an excuse to fudge on my diet. On the bright side, I only gained .3 oz, so I still feel really good about where I am right now. I am officially back on the low carb train, and I am looking forward to sharing my journey with you all along the way! This upcoming week will include an out of state trip with my sister-in-law and Mother’s Day, so check back next weekend to read about our shenanigans!

-Question of the Week-
What is your favorite Bridal Shower/Bachelorette Party game? Let me know in the comments section below!


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