I’m Never Gonna Dance Again (Week 1)

-Week One Check In-
Starting Weight: 177.7 lbs

Week 1 Weigh In: 174.1 lbs
Week 1 Weight Loss:  3.6 lbs

Will I ever dance again? More on that later.

r.i.p. george

I started off 2017 with several resolutions.

The first, of course, is to lose weight. I’m sure most of you can relate to that. To make sure I stay on track, I added specific goals to help me on my journey:
Work out 3x a week
Drink 64 oz water daily
Eat less than 20 carbs a day

I also made a few non-diet related resolutions. Because I may mention them in my blog from time to time, I thought I might share them with you, in case you are interested:
Read 2 novels a month (Currently working on Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer and Psych: The Call of the Mild by William Rabkin)
Learn sign language
Pay off debt

This past week has been challenging at times. Have you ever been through a food detox? It is unpleasant, my friends. The first few days were especially rough on me, because I tried to take on too much (as usual). Winter break was over, homeschooling began again, and I unexpectedly had to work with my mother-in-law cleaning 4 houses over a 3 day period. Throw in my normal weekly church meetings, the anticipation of a full weekend (youth group, choir practice, and Sunday school), my husband getting sick, and an unexpected snow storm–I barely got any rest.

However, I tried not to let any of this deter me. I still managed to complete 2 of my workout sessions, and drank water as much as I could. Some days I drank all 64 oz, some days I didn’t drink any at all. I’m hoping that it will get easier over time to manage my somewhat unpredictable life with healthy, low carb living.

But back to why I’m never gonna dance again. (Side note: Is it too soon to be making George Michael references?)

I love Leslie Sansone and her Walk Away the Pounds instructional DVDs. I have quite a few of them, ranging anywhere from 1 mile walks to 5 miles. A few months ago, my husband picked me up a copy of Walk to the Hits from our local WalMart. I have never been into dance style workouts (I’m looking at you, Zumba and DWTS fanatics), but because I’ve always enjoyed her programs in the past, I decided to give it that old college try.

Don’t trust her happy smile. It’s a lie. You will not be happy or smiling at the end of this program.

Listen, guys–I know I am out of shape and overweight. I also accept the fact that I have no rhythm or flow. This is basically my only dance move:

If you don’t get this reference, we cannot be friends. Sorry not sorry.

I just naively assumed that due to my experience with her other programs in the past, that I would be more prepared to handle anything she could throw at me. Unfortunately, I spent the better part of the dance moves she introduced tripping over my two left feet, and  definitely not feeling good about myself. Which led me to singing the famous George Michael song repeatedly. But I am not a quitter.

I may lose my way and take long breaks, but I pride myself on always finding my way back to where I need to be to live a healthier life. So I pushed through. I did the program again, again, and again. Not only did my rhythm improve, but I started to enjoy the dancing portions of the DVD.

I say all of that to say this–my husband bought me Leslie’s Walk Away the Pounds: Miracle Miles 5 mile DVD set for Christmas. I was so excited, but also a little nervous that it may be too intense for me to keep up with. But then I remembered, if I could manage to dance again, I could do anything.I’m currently on Season 1, Week 3 of her program.

And I even hope there’s dancing involved.

Question of the week:
What are your New Years Resolutions? What are you doing to make sure you stay on track?


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