S’mores Sunday No S’more (Week 2)

-Week Two Check In-
Starting Weight: 177.7 lbs
Week 1 Weight: 174.1 lbs
Week 2 Weigh In: 175.2 lbs
Week 2 Weight Loss Gain: 1.1. lbs
Total Weight Loss: 2.5 lbs

When I decided to restart my low carb diet, it was Christmas. My family had celebrated days earlier, and I was ready to start the New Year a week early. But Satan had other plans.

Let me explain.

My sweet and thoughtful husband surprised me with a present the night before actual Christmas: an electronic s’mores maker. Those who know me at all know of my love for all things s’mores. This body of mine was not a result from healthy salads and vegetables.


The Evil Temptress

I have a pretty weak resolve when it comes to chocolate. No matter how long I’ve been on my diet or how strong I feel at the time, it takes just one whiff of chocolate to make me want to throw ALL my goals and progress out of the window. In the past, being on a low carb diet has been easier when I can get all sweets out of my home. I try to keep a supply of sugar free candy and desserts within my reach for when cravings strike. But now there is a temptation always in my home–staring me down, beckoning me, imploring me to supply it with chocolate, graham crackers, and marshmallows. Or maybe it was just me whispering sweet nothings in my own ear. Either way, I came up with an idea that allowed me to stick to my resolutions and enjoy my new present–I invented S’mores Sunday.

Let me explain.

S’mores Sunday is the one day a week I allowed myself to indulge. The first week I began eating low carb started off well. I stayed on my diet throughout the week and ate two S’mores after dinner Sunday evening. I easily resumed my diet the next day and can’t recall any weight gain. However, the next weekend was a different story. I was able to stick to my diet the whole week, but part of the reason for that was because I was focused on eating S’mores that Sunday. Unfortunately, I made quite a few bad choices for this whole past week. It involved ordering pizza twice, multiple fast food runs, and an overindulgence of S’mores. I felt gross, bloated, and miserable. My horrible lack of self control has led me to this important realization–S’mores Sunday can be no S’more.
Until I start to have control and am at a reasonably healthy weight, I do not plan to indulge–even a little bit–for the foreseeable future.

Wish me luck. The electronic S’mores maker is still here–waiting, watching, and calling my name.

Homemade S'mores with Marshmallows Chocolate and Graham Crackers


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