Down With the Sickness (Week 5)

-Week Five Check In-
Starting Weight: 177.7 lbs
Week 4 Weight: 173.4 lbs
Week 5 Weigh In: 173.4 lbs
Week 5 Weight Loss: 0 lbs
Total Weight Loss: 4.3 lbs

Let me set the stage for this week’s important learned lesson. It was the night before my weekly weigh in. During my bi-weekly grocery shopping trip, I lingered by the deli counter before heading to check out. It had been a long day, on top of an excruciatingly busy week, and I was on day THREE of battling an intense cold. Desperate to have a ready to eat meal upon returning home, I inquired about the miniature spicy chicken drumsticks. Our conversation went as follows:

Me: “Do you bread these drumsticks with anything before frying them?”
Employee: “No.”
M: “Ok, do you know what makes these drumsticks spicy? Are they marinated or seasoned?”
E: “They are not marinated in anything, and I think they are only mildly hot.”
M: “Are you sure? I only ask because I’m trying to do the low carb thing and any marinades or breading can contain a lot of carbs. That would really put a wrench in my diet.”
E: “Oh, I completely understand because I’m a diabetic. I’ve never eaten these specific ones, but I’m sure they’re fine.

…And I’m sure you can see where this is going.

This past week, I worked two days in a row cleaning houses with my mother-in-law, exercised 6 times over 3 days, stayed active and didn’t cheat on my diet at all. Now it was Sunday morning and time for my weekly weigh in, I excitedly stepped on the scale to see–I. Lost. NOTHING.

I rue the day I trusted the Diabetic Deli Worker.

Readers, if you take nothing else away from this weeks blog, please remember this one piece of important advice: When a nutritional info label is not available to show an accurate carb count, never trust the employee at the deli to tell you the truth. (Or anyone else, for that matter)

-Question of the Week-
Have you ever accidentally ruined your low carb diet by not knowing how many carbs you were ingesting in a meal?


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